Since the 1920’s when prohibition took centre stage – alcoholic drinks at lavish parties, weddings and social events has been glamourised. Be it a cheeky cocktail on arrival, a champagne tower to celebrate or an open wine, beer and spirit bar to keep your guests merry; alcohol has long been a staple at social events. But in 2024, post- pandemic and with the rise of mental health issues, many guests these days opt for a sober lifestyle.

Gone are the days where you didn’t drink and the only acceptable reasons were that you were either driving or pregnant. These days mental health, physical health, religious reasons, or just a good old detox are all accepted and more common. It’s thought now that 3-5% of the average event guest count will opt for non-alcoholic options and because of this it’s essential to provide alternatives for guests who choose not to drink.

No matter the style of event you’re planning here are some alternatives to alcohol to consider:

  1. Mocktails and Specialty Drinks: Create a menu of delicious mocktails and specialty drinks that are just as enticing as their alcoholic counterparts. Offer a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails made with fresh juices, herbs, and sparkling water to cater to different tastes.
  2. Non-Alcoholic Wines/Beers/Spirits: Include a smaller selection of non-alcoholic wines, beers and spirits on the menu. To allow your guests to have the same sensation of having a glass of champagne but without the guilt.
  3. Craft Soda Bar: Set up a craft soda bar with a selection of artisanal sodas and mixers for guests to enjoy. Include a range of flavours, from classic cola and ginger ale to unique options like hibiscus or elderflower soda. This is also a great alternative to the traditional soft drink for those who opt not to drink to to high sugar counts.
  4. Gourmet Coffee and Tea Station: Treat guests to a gourmet coffee and tea station featuring a selection of specialty coffees, teas, and hot chocolate. Offer a variety of syrups, and toppings for guests to customise their beverages.
  5. Fruit Infused Water: Keep guests hydrated with refreshing fruit-infused water stations placed throughout the venue. Infuse water with fresh fruits, herbs, and citrus slices for a flavourful and hydrating alternative to sugary drinks.
  6. DIY Smoothie Bar: Set up a DIY smoothie bar with an assortment of fresh fruits, yogurt, and protein powders for guests to create their own custom smoothie blends. Provide a variety of toppings such as granola, nuts, and coconut flakes for added flavour and texture.
  7. Cold-Pressed Juice Bar: Offer a selection of cold-pressed juices made from a variety of fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juices are nutrient-rich and refreshing, making them a healthy and hydrating option for guests.
  8. Sparkling Water Stations: Provide sparkling water stations with a range of flavored sparkling waters and garnishes such as citrus wedges, berries, and fresh herbs. Sparkling water is a sophisticated and refreshing alternative to alcoholic beverages.

By offering a variety of non-alcoholic options that suit your event, you can ensure that all guests feel included and catered to at your event. Whether they choose to abstain from alcohol for personal, health, or cultural reasons, providing alternatives shows thoughtfulness and consideration for your guests’ preferences and needs. It also highlights you support their sobriety and ensure they feel they can party into the night and have just as much fun comfortably as those who have a larger drink selection.

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